Beginner yoga my ass.

I did some beginner yoga today and I couldn’t do half the moves. It was highly discouraging. But on the plus side, my forward fold is getting easier and better. So it wasn’t all terrible.

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These are amazing! I call them breakfast puddings because they’re the perfect make-ahead, no time in the morning, sleep as long as possible, grab on you’re way out the door breakfast (can you see what my mornings are like? haha)! I came up with these 3 varieties based on what I had around but you should absolutely feel free to get creative! I also used plain Greek yogurt and flavored it with vanilla and honey but you could also start with a flavored yogurt and use toppings that compliment it (lemon yogurt with blueberries? yum!).

I made my pudding the night before then spent 10 minutes assembling all my jars Saturday afternoon so that through the week I had a delicious, super healthy breakfast ready to go. I like to enjoy my jar with a nice big soy latte but you could also pair this jar with a piece of fruit, toast, or cheese to make it a full meal.

For more easy breakfast ideas go here and for more healthy dessert recipes go here (okay I’ll admit it, these are dessert for breakfast but with 9g protein and nutrient-packed chia seeds I’m okay with that!)

I’m hungry!!!!

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Well done

Just went for my first outdoor run in four years. It was short but it felt good. Hurt my lungs though. Too cold for me. :S

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Found those morning workout on pinterest. I’m going to try them once I ended my workout routine (otherwise it would be too much).  

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